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The Samantha Series

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Identity Issues

The first time author Claudia Whitsitt’s phone rang and a man from another country claimed her husband as his father, she gave her husband the third degree and then let it slide.  By the time the third person came forward, stalking her at work, she understood the terrors of identity theft.  Channeling those raw emotions onto the page gave Claudia some relief, and also gave birth to neurotic amateur detective Samantha Stitsill. In the first book of the Samantha Series, Identity Issues, Teacher Samantha Stitsill discovers the identity of her husband’s identity thief and begins trailing him, unwittingly placing those she loves most in mortal danger. She vows to do whatever it takes to protect them and finds herself on a one-way street to Hell.

“Claudia Whitsitt’s writing is tight, filled with emotional depth, a mixture of tension and humor, and plenty of mystery and adventure.”
~Robert Yehling, co-author, The Champion’s Way

Identity Issues Read an excerpt

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Intimacy Issues

Mother, teacher and widow Samantha Stitsill is seeking answers about her husband’s murder. Her new partner, detective Jim McGrath, looked out for her after her husband’s death and insists on following her to Japan to find answers.  

From illegitimate children to espionage to the reanimation of her husband’s murderer, Sam and Jim are thrown into a world of intrigue for which they are ill prepared. Who is this man threatening their lives and those of Sam’s family, and how will they stop him?

“A whirlpool of unraveling truth where nothing is as it appears.”
~ Matthew J. Pallamary, author of Land Without Evil

Internal Issues

Samantha Stitsill tracked her husband’s mistress to Japan, was deceived into a meeting with his murderer and, with detective Jim McGrath, killed him… again. The poor woman needs a break. But, she’s not that lucky…

After arriving home, a friend leaves a frantic phone message and then disappears.Though Sam’s instincts warn against it, she can’t resist gathering information. Dangerous men begin to follow her, and Sam realizes she has inadvertently placed her family in peril once again. This time, her greatest fears will come true.

Bestselling author Claudia WhitsittClaudia Whitsitt is an award-winning author and veteran special education teacher living in Michigan. Her experiences with identity theft led her to pick up a pen and begin writing the Amazon bestselling Samantha Series.

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