Sorcerer's Keeper

by Kathleen Creighton

Sorcerer's Keeper 100px Elizabeth Resnik’s urgent need of a home for her two year old daughter, and a job that would keep her close, led her to accept a live-in housekeeping position in the neighborhood “haunted house.” She was determined to make it work.

Brilliant but absent minded physicist Culley Ward did not want a keeper. It wasn’t until Elizabeth knocked on his door, and her daughter called him “Daddy,” that Culley began to feel the depth of his isolation, and an intriguing attraction to this determined woman.

An unexpected truce, initiated by a child and built through the shared knowledge of loss, left Culley wondering if it was fair to take advantage of Elizabeth, but wanting desperately to do so. Would acting on his impulses ruin his second chance at love? Would the “sorcerer’s magic” be enough to heal her heart and win her love?

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RWA Hall of Fame inductee Kathleen CreightonWith more than 50 books published and two million copies sold, Kathleen Creighton has long been a powerhouse of the romance genre.  Her books have earned her five Rita awards, as well as a place in the Romance Writers Hall of Fame.  A timeless author whose work continues to captivate, Kathleen is among the few remaining authors whose books still compete for space on the shelves of your local supermarket.

Known for her disarming grace, Kathleen Creighton can be the guest of honor at an event in the evening, and then back on her California farm the next morning, helping to birth lambs or harvest crops. She writes from her heart, spending multiple hours each day developing characters, and exploring new avenues in which her love stories will flourish.