The Body Mafia

a CeeCee Gallagher thriller

The Body Mafia coverWhen the bodies of local homeless men begin turning up missing major organs, Detective CeeCee Gallagher is hot on the trail of a killer. Only after her husband, FBI Agent Michael Hagerman, is the target of a car bomb, does CeeCee realize what she’s really dealing with. This is no mere madman. These killers are organized—and more dangerous than any CeeCee’s seen before.

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Bestselling author Stacy DittrichSTACY DITTRICH is a decorated, 19-year veteran police officer and a former detective specializing in sex crime cases. During her law enforcement career, she has been tasked with homicide investigations, been assigned to a federal drug task force, and has provided media commentary on high-pro le cases to news organizations nationwide, including CNN and FOX News. Stacy has appeared as a crime analyst on programs including The O’Reilly Factor, Geraldo at Large, The Nancy Grace Show, and Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell.

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